Contract revision services 

As your business evolves, your legal documents must be able to grow with it...and that DIY document that may have worked for your hobbyist phase probably hasn’t kept up with your current business. 



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Specific provision revisions 

Price available upon request 

Appropriate when you need one contract provision edited or drafted into your existing agreement. 



Contract “Translation” services


Do you have a lawyer-drafted agreement, but it’s so full of legalese, you aren’t quite sure what it says, or how to explain it to your client? In our “translation” sessions, we will meet via a video conference, and walk through your contract paragraph by paragraph. 

Note: only available for citizens in select states



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Complete revisions 


Not all contracts (or templates, for that matter), are created equal. If you have an existing agreement that’s decent, but you know there are some holes that should be filled, a contract revision service will  transform your existing agreement into your core piece of legal protection.