The Calligrapher’s Template

The Calligrapher’s Template


This contract is, not-so-secretly, my favorite in the bunch; after all, it’s the contract I built and used for my own calligraphy business. Each provision in here is based off of a scenario that I didn’t just “hear about happening”, but that actually happened to me.

For example, who bears the risk of loss if your seating chart cracks on the way to the venue? What happens if the post office can’t read an envelope? What if a bride changes their mind on ink color? What about overruns? Honestly, this is one of my most comprehensive service provider templates- not just because I’ve taken a few calligraphy classes, but because I’ve actually owned a full-fledged calligraphy business.

This contract is designed to protect your business in any type of calligraphy project: wedding, a custom project, etc. Each contract comes with directions for use, and provisions that will protect your business now and in the future.

*please note: this contract overlaps greatly with our Custom Stationery Agreement. What’s the difference? This template is drafted more with the calligrapher or hand letterer in mind, rather than a stationery/print/paper company. 

If you are both a stationer AND a calligrapher, the calligraphy agreement is the appropriate choice, as it has more provisions that you can simply remove, if they do not fit that specific project. It’s always easier to remove provisions than add them, and the calligraphy agreement is written to be more inclusive than the stationery agreement. We define “stationer” as someone who prints invitation suites, other paper goods, etc, that you yourself are not hand writing, while a calligrapher is potentially doing both, but also offers hand-written services.

Please reach out to us at before you purchase both!

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For the convenience of my clients, I started drafting my contracts in a slightly different way than most: I break it into halves. Generally speaking, the first “half” contains the business terms: meaning you can go to town customizing this portion of the contract yourself.


The “second half”? That’s where the “legal terms” are housed- so you know clearly what must stay in.


Other than that, here is what you can generally expect in one of the templates:


  • intro paragraphs, so we know who the parties are, the effective date, and the purpose of the agreement

  • ALL of your payment and price terms (including payment schedules, timelines, refund policies deliverables, shipping and more)

  • a complete list of your services (when I say complete, I mean truly complete)

  • pesky provisions you may need but aren’t sure how to word, like confidentiality, exclusivity, creative license, and more

  • intellectual property terms, such as who owns what’s created (plus options for scenarios arising in the future)

  • paragraphs that may be awkward to talk about, such as cancellations, reschedules, no-shows, etc

  • all of those “legal” paragraphs that only experience in a courtroom can teach you to look for, like remedies, warranties, limitation of liability, employment status of the parties, force majeure, and more than 10 others


Contracts typically take between 6-12 hours to draft for a standard agreement, which when taken into account with the industry-standard billable hour rate, results in a value of at least $1,200 - $2,400 per template.

Congratulations on taking the most important step in protecting your business! I sincerely believe that my prior experience as a contract litigator for businesses was the best preparation I could have asked for in building strong contracts for creatives. After drafting contracts for everyone from small businesses to publicly traded corporations, and then litigating them in court, each of my contracts are drafted with the care and protection that only real life experience can get you. Each contract is drafted by a lawyer and reviewed by an industry professional with at least 3 years of professional experience before it is listed in the Creative Law Shop. Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase? You can reach my team any time at