About The creative law shop

The Creative Law Shop is what happens when a contract litigation attorney in search of a creative outlet, stumbles head-over-heels into the world of calligraphy and creative business ownership, and after a frustrating, late night, discovers that most creative business owners aren’t operating without sound contracts, so she creates the domain “shopcreativelaw.com” with the hope of someday creating legal resources for creatives. The domain laid dormant for a year, until that attorney left her job as a litigator to begin her own creative law firm. (You can read more about that over here).


The first thing you’ll probably notice if you peruse our site is that there are a lot of templates to choose from. More than 60, in fact, which may seem slightly contradictory to our mission: to simplify the legal side of creative business ownership by strengthening businesses from the inside out, so they have more time for what matters most: creating. The vehicle for our craft just so happens to be contracts.

What makes us unique? Our templates were never created for the purpose of online sales. No, really.  Each template had been converted from a contract that either one of the CLS attorneys wrote for themselves, or for a client. It was only after repeated requests from clients that the team began offering those same products as templates, in hopes that a wider array of creative business owners could find sound contracts. We take great pride in being the first to say that each of our templates were not only drafted by a contract attorney, but have been refined by professionals in each respective industry, who ensure that those scenarios that only time in the profession have been protected (after all, who knew that some clients request your raw photography files, or that some calligraphy clients expect all calligraphy to look the same?).

These templates aren’t crafted for the hobbyist; they’ve been written for high-level entrepreneurs. They’ve been drafted to provide the highest-level of protection for you and your creative business, so that you have the groundwork for your business to flourish.  

And you know what? There’s a chance that your business may not be in the position yet to need something like an NDA or a Buy-Sell agreement (although, if you’re a business, you’ll always need an operating agreement and documents to make your website legal, to start). And that is completely fine. Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to build a legally sound business, and if you leave our Shop with a little more knowledge about what documents your business needs, we’ve done our job.

If you have any questions about our templates, you can reach us at hello@shopcreativelaw.com.