How To Start Your Creative Biz (Legally)

You originally picked up a calligraphy pen for a creative outlet and never put it down. Friends and family start noticing, and inquiries are starting to trickle in. You realize you really can do this: pursue your creative passion and maybe start a little business in the process. You’ve caught the entrepreneur bug, and you can’t wait to get started. But getting started…what exactly does that entail? How do you start your business legally sound? 

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This was my story almost exactly one year ago. During a class with a local calligrapher, a peer who had just started her business, encouraged me to start my own business. I was hooked; not only was I able to continue to refine my craft, but I might be able to try my hand at business ownership along the way. For the rest of the year, I spent my days the way so many of us do: juggling a full-time 9-5 job by day, immersed in calligraphy at night.

My story isn’t unique, except for one detail: my “day job” was working as a full-time litigator for small business owners. More days than I’d care to admit, I showed up in court with ink-stained hands. Because I was an attorney, I knew exactly what steps to take to get my business started off on the right foot, legally speaking. And because I knew my business was legally sound, I was completely confident in growing my business.

This is an excerpt of the original article found on the Rising Tide Society. Click here to finish reading all of those first steps you need to take- from deciding whether to have a DBA or an LLC, to everything you need to do in that first year of business.  

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