The Special Forces Support Fund October Promotion

An exciting announcement regarding the charity we have chosen to support with our business. 

You may have seen our announcement on Instagram, but we created a special (surprise) promotion last week, in response to an immediate need of our Foundation, the Special Forces Support Fund. Visit the SFSF site here

As I have mentioned time and time again, this Foundation is incredibly important to me (more info on that below), and when it was brought to my attention last week that assistance was needed for an impending deployment, I knew we needed to act- and fast. I searched for ways that the Shop could respond to this need, and in short, for a limited time only, we are offering gift certificates to the Shop at half price. Every dollar spent will be donated directly to help support our deployed special forces soldiers around the world. Shop the gift certificates here.

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Every dollar spent will be donated directly to help support our deployed special forces soldiers around the world.

Aside from purchasing gift certificates, there are other ways that you may support our Foundation as well:

Option 1: Donate directly to the SFSF

$25 donations will receive a $50 gift card to the Shop

$50 donations will receive a $100 gift card to the Shop

$100 donations will receive a $200 gift card to the Shop

Option 2: Book a mini session with me— All proceeds go to SFSF

My calendar is nearly full for the fall, but these slots have been created to be the highest priority on my calendar, and the ONLY time I can answer “quick questions” that you may have (at a discounted rate)!

What is the SFSF?

When I started my business, I knew that I wanted to establish an ongoing relationship with a charity that I knew not only aligned with my business and personal values and ethics but also with my primary objective of creating a business that leaves a legacy.

I have been very selective with the charity I chose to align with… but knew it had to have certain qualities:

  • Be a legally established business

  • With a clear purpose & objective

  • With a stable board of directors (aka, so that I could rest assured the money I donated wasn’t mismanaged) 

  • With a core purpose I believe in

After rebranding and launching the Shop, I restarted my search for a charity or nonprofit to support through my business. Through a kismet series of events, one of the most loved people in my life came in need of aid at the end of 2018, which (very long story short), led to myself and a team of other individuals forming our own charity, the Special Forces Support Fund. There’s nothing quite like searching for the right charity to support, and then winding up creating your own instead! 

From now on, a portion of all of my sale proceeds will be going to the SFSF. This charity isn’t just a charity to support the military, or even just special forces units deployed around the world. To me, it’s so much more than that: the men and women of all branches of the United States Special Forces are soldiers putting in the most training, going into the most dangerous places in the world to protect us, and the first responders when we’re attacked (if you haven’t yet, watch/google “12 Strong” or the book the “Horse Soldiers,” a story about the first responders to 9/11)— these are the soldiers who do their work silently, never asking for thanks or accolades.

And they also don’t have the supplies or equipment they need to do their jobs. Therefore, the SFSF is a movement to equip and support the deployed Special Forces troops of the United States Army as they fight for our freedom in active conflict regions, silently protecting us.  Our deployed Special Forces soldiers are in need of not just monthly care packages, but equipment essential to their health, welfare, and ability to perform their job. 

You can find more information at (and find out about our partner, who has been recognized by the White House for over a decade) or email us at

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