Privacy Policy Website Template (GDPR Compliant)

Privacy Policy Website Template (GDPR Compliant)


Did you know that if you are collecting any sort of information on users of your site, you must have a privacy policy? “Must”, meaning it’s a federal law? Not only that, but the newly-mandated GDPR laws also requrie that you have a privacy policy in place anywhere that you are collecting “personal data”.

The most common legal issue I see with creative business owners is violation of federal law by failing to include a privacy policy on their website. If you are collecting any sort of information on users of your site (that means you, Google Analytics, etc.), collecting email addresses (ahem, email opt-ins), or making any sales on your site, you must have this foundational level of protection. And yes, this template has been updated to be GDPR compliant!

This contract is ready for you to plug it into your website today, with provisions that will protect your business now and in the future.

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