The Legal Fundamentals of Hiring E-Book

The Legal Fundamentals of Hiring E-Book


At some point, every business owner reaches a crossroad in their business: they must either grow their team and scale that growth, or spend time trying to figure out how to continue alone. Most of those business owners jump at the chance of bringing on that outside help- but they don’t realize the plethora of legal considerations inherently involved.

Employment law is one of the most expansive and complicated areas of law, so it’s no wonder that business owners stumble when they try to navigate these waters on their own. Assisting my clients in the hiring process has been one of my favorite parts of my job, and I’ve collected everything I tell my clients here, such as:

  • The difference between an employee and an independent contractor; why you need to care and how you can know the difference

  • Everything you need to know about hiring an intern: paid, unpaid, or externship

  • How to (legally) hire a VA, and scary scenarios to protect yourself from

  • Proprietary information concerns in the hiring process

  • When to bring in Online Business Managers (OBMS) and strategists

  • And last but not least- an overview of what I want you to know before you bring on an employee

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